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We perform

We perform biomasses installations up to 1MW using food scraps, zootechnics scraps and dedicated crops.

What is Biomass?

Biomass used for power purposes consists of alla organic materials which can be used directly as fuel or rather transformed into solid, liquid or gassy fuel.
Biomasses are, in addition to essences grown on power purposes, all agricultural and forestation products, includes farming and botany scraps, food scraps for human nutrition and zootechnics, chemical untreated residuals of paper and wood industry, all organic products derived from human and animal biological activity, such as those contains in the urban waste.

More generally you can consider biomass all organic material both vegetable and animal.


Which benefits?

Power produced from biomasses is based mostly on the production scraps.

Therefore it is a further economic and social advantage because reuse and dispose of waste in ecological way.