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We perform

We perform installations with small wind turbines from 10 to 200 KW.

What are Small Wind Turbines?

Small Wind Turbines identifiy wind farm with overall power between 20 and 60 kW.


Micro Wind Turbines mean wind farm with power up to 5 KW, whereas in Medium Wind Turbines power is between 60 and 200KW.

Which benefits?

Wind is a clean resource. Within a year, a 30 KW turbine produces the same power as 130 barrels of oil, with the advantage of not producing harmful emissions.

Unlike fossil fuels, wind turbines of every size placed around the world, avoid over 40 millions tons of CO2 are scatter in the air of our planet. Wind turbines costs are little higher then a state of the art coal-burning power plant, and comparable to the costs of a new natural gas power plant. But with the advantage of not producing carbon dioxide emissions.