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We perform

We perform Photovoltaic installations on rooftops and on the ground, even with achievements of greenhouses

Photovoltaic roofing

Photovoltaic roof with architectural integration

What is Photovoltaic?

Photovoltaic technology allows the direct transformation of the sun light in electricity without the need of moving mechanisms. It takes advantage of the so-called photovoltaic effect which is based on the properties of some semiconductor material (with featureboth of electrical conductor and electrical insulator, such as silicon) which are able to generate electricity when affected by sola radiation.

Today it is possible to sell electricity generated by Photovoltaic installation!

Just install on your own roof the photovoltaic modules and an inverter for network connection and all the electricity production will be paid by a.
In addition to the payment of all generated electricity, this can be used by your own services and have a further savings. 


Which benefits?

  1. Sun is a free power source ever present and endless;
  2. Protection against the future increase of power costs and the raw materials;
  3. Photovoltaic installation doesn't produce residual matter from his operation and at end of life modeules are restorable;
  4. Can be used in place of roofing, glass walls and barriers;
  5. Environmental protection; for any kWh generated you save about 250 grams of fuel oil and you avoid air emission for 0,75 Kg of carbon dioxide.
  6. Long lasting (30-40 years);