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What we perform?


Wind turbines


Who are they for?

People who want Green Economy as a model of behaviour and a means for savings or safe investment.


Companies who want to invest in renewable resources systems and in energy saving to reduce our production costs, using renewable resources.


Farming operators to revive its poor economy even enhancing farming crops, which become a resource.

What skills?

We have specific skills in:

  1. Legal procedure management
  2. Search sites for the construction of the installations
  3. Search appropriate technology
  4. Procedure management for connection with Enel
  5. Procedure management GSE and UTF
  6. Installations management
  7. Mainteinance

Collaborations and references

We collaborated and worked for many national partners, such as:

  • Tozzi Nord from Ravenna
    for small wind turbines of 10 KW
  • Stoma from Massafra
    for small wind turbines of 60 KW
  • Ref-Energy
    for n. 10 photovoltaic installations of 1 MW
  • Energia Levante Srl
    for small wind turbines of 60 KW
    (Palazzo S. Gervasio, Montemilone, Santeramo in Colle, Spinazzola, Minervino Murge, Cassano delle Murge)
  • ECOWIND P.TE Srl e EffePi Srl
    for small wind turbines of 100 Kw in Matera
  • Solare Italia Srl
    for n. 2 photovoltaic installations of 1 MW
  • EW SOLE 1 Srl
    for n. 3 photovoltaic installations of 1 MW

Designs and permissions obtained (and in progress) for various biomasses and photovoltaic installations, and wind turbines, in various sites located in Puglia and Basilicata.

  • Biogas installation of 250 Kw
    Spinazzola (BT)
  • Biogas installation of 100 Kw
    Palazzo S. Gervazio (PZ)
  • Photovoltaic installation of 714 Kw
    Palo del Colle (BA)
  • Photovoltaic installation of 500 Kw
    Bitritto (BA)
  • Biogas installation of 638 Kw
    Gioia del Colle (BA)
  • Photovoltaic installation of 859 Kw
    Gioia del Colle (BA)
  • Wind turbines installations of 4000 Kw
    Candela (FG)
  • Hydroelectric installation of 5.000  Kw
    Natural Energy Source, NES sh.p.k.